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Achieve your goals with expertise and strategic thinking with the Loft32 network – grounded in practical experience, context and connections.

Loft32 is a network of dynamic professionals with a deep background in agriculture, food, business and strategic communications. We can help you achieve your business goals by connecting you with the expertise you need.

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Achieve your goals with expertise and strategic thinking with the Loft32 network – grounded in practical experience, context and connections.

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Crystal Mackay Loft32 Founder and CEO

Crystal Mackay

Founder & CEO

From CEOs, to the media, right through to the Queen of England herself, Crystal has been leading efforts to connect consumers with their food and the people who produce it for 25 years.

Crystal is a recognized leader in communications and collaboration in food and farming.  Her pioneering spirit helped create and launch many well recognized efforts in public trust in the food system.  This led to her serving as the inaugural CEO of both the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity and Farm & Food Care.

She is a dynamic presenter and facilitator who has delivered hundreds of presentations to a broad range of audiences around the globe.  Her presentation styles is a unique mix of humour, rich content and practical calls to action.

Her connections across the food system are deep.  As demonstrated and built by her unique work experience and volunteer roles over the years.  She currently Chairs the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef Communications Committee and serves on the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Board of Directors.

Crystal is a proud graduate of the University of Guelph and several executive leadership and business management programs. Her work ethic and dedication to getting the job done on time and on budget sprouted from her farm roots in the Ottawa Valley.

Maggie Van Camp

Founder & DOF

Loft32 founder and Director of Fun, Maggie Van Camp is also National Agricultural Practice Development Leader with BDO Canada. She recently took on this role with BDO after a long career in agricultural publishing, including 12 years as Senior Business Editor with Country Guide.

Over the course of her journalism career, she has interviewed people from around the world who are engaged in agriculture research, business and primary production. One of her favorite topics to write about is farm succession/transition planning and currently is writing a book about why family businesses should plan transitions.

She’s also CEO and owner of Redcrest Farms, a chicken and solar farm in Ontario.  Maggie has lived and worked in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. She grew up on a dairy farm and knows the power of hard work and humility… and electric fences.

Maggie Van Camp Loft32 Founder & DOF

News & views

Many things have become apparent during this unprecedented time.
1. Health is king.
2. Food is a staple many have taken for granted.
3. Wifi is magic that keeps us working and social even when we're distant.

I’m always grateful for opportunities to reach consumers and share the message that #modern #agriculture is #sustainable! @wheatgrowers @GlobalFarmerNet @theloft32 @food_centre

Communication skills, such as effective listening, are far more than a workplace staple; These are transferable skills that are integral for all aspects of life.

#CommsTip: Listen actively; Don't be rehearsed. Conference calls or family discussions - Practice makes perfect.

#CommsTip for effective listening: Show empathy. Try to visualize what the speaker is saying and put yourself in their shoes. How do they feel about the situation and how might it impact others? Yes, this takes effort, but it will also benefit the conversation. #WednesdayWisdom

Listening effectively is more than just hearing what a person is saying; It's about being receptive and empathetic. #CommsTip: Don't interrupt people. This is distracting and rude. Wait until they finish speaking to clarify what they've said and ensure you understand. #TipTuesday

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