The Loft32 story

Two long-time friends came together for some lively discussions about the next chapter of their careers, along with the future of agriculture and food.   What could they do to change frustrations and needs into opportunities and wins for the sector they are passionate about and the people they love to work with?  Could they connect and collaborate with others to truly make a difference, and maybe have some fun along the way?


Founders Crystal Mackay and Maggie Van Camp combined their experience, networks, and passions to launch Loft32 in June 2019.  They, together with the Loft32 network, commit to working with you and your team to deliver high quality, customized service and results.

So why Loft32?

A loft apartment is unique, stylish, open and adaptable.   It’s fun, and gets the job done efficiently. A hayloft is symbolic of hard work and teamwork for the Founders, both proud of their farm girl roots.  Both are elevated. Both are better with a good group of people surrounding you to get the job done.

This is the value that Loft32 aims to bring to your business.

The Loft32 team will work with you and your team to help better achieve your goals and elevate your business, your people and food and farming.

Why 32?   You’ll have to ask us this real meaning of this one. Hint: it’s very Canadian.

In the meantime, here are 32 words that define our Loft32 brand promise and commitment to working with you.  Why is Loft32 unlike other businesses?  These 32 words sum it up best.

Loft32 wall of words