Unique new communications firm launched to bring expertise together in agriculture and food

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GUELPH, ON – June 6, 2019:   A new Canadian venture, Loft32, will work to elevate businesses, people and the conversations on food and farming.   Loft32 is comprised of a network of dynamic professionals with deep backgrounds in agriculture, food, business and strategic communications. 

Loft32 will deliver elite services related to:

  • Strategic communications – Speaking, Training, Facilitating
  • Project management and support
  • Agriculture and food expertise

Crystal Mackay, CEO, will lead operations, with her 25-year track record of creating and leading collaborative, ground-breaking agriculture and food communications and business efforts.  Mackay is well-known in farming and food circles for her work as the inaugural CEO of Farm & Food Care Canada/Ontario, and more recently the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity.

“The best way to elevate businesses and the sector is by elevating people,” Mackay stated.  “Loft32 will help inspire, engage and equip the good people in agriculture and food with the communications tools and expertise to do better.”

Founders Maggie Van Camp and Crystal Mackay shared some lively discussions about the next chapter of their careers, along with the future of agriculture and food in Canada as they developed the Loft32 business model.  They decided to utilize their experience and network to help change frustrations and needs into opportunities and wins for the sector they are both passionate about.    

Maggie Van Camp, brings a unique background of journalism, farming and business leadership to the table.  She shares her views on why she was inspired to help create Loft32,   

“For agriculture and food to be truly successful in the future, there needs to be more collaboration on many levels,  across companies and sectors.  The Loft32 business model is built to foster collaboration by bringing great people and expertise together to encourage new thinking, develop skills and strategies, and solve problems for successful outcomes.”

Loft32 will help clients achieve their business goals by connecting them with the expertise they need, all well-grounded in practical experience, context and connections.  The goal will be to deliver high quality, customized service and results to add depth to the bench for organizations, companies and event planners.  

The Loft32 Speakers Bureau, the first service available, features some of the most dynamic and well-recognized speakers in agriculture and food in North America.   The Speakers Bureau, along with training and project team networks, will continue to be populated with new colleagues who fit the Loft32 business model.

As part of the Loft32 commitment to elevating people, they will be sharing regular communications training tips through @theLoft32 on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Visit www.loft32.ca to find out more, request a speaker or training session, or discuss an idea for a project.