Elaine Froese

The Farm Coach

Farm families in transition need tools to talk about tough issues, get clarity of expectations and act! Elaine Froese has coached over 1000 families helping decrease their anxiety over the uncertainty of their future. She’s an award-winning author, coach and certified speaking professional who provides practical tools and roadmaps to find fairness in farm transition. Froese Family Farms near Boissevain in Southwestern Manitoba is her home base, where she partners with her husband, son and daughter in law. She knows the needs of her audience because she is also on the transition journey.

Faith Today magazine calls her “Canada’s Farm Whisperer.” CBC calls her the “Dr. Phil for farmers.“ Penny and Ruby call her “Gramma.”

Elaine understands the culture of agriculture and is gifted at helping folks see great outcomes and paths for their family farms.  Her Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara coaching and conflict resolution certificates fill her toolbox with common sense approaches farmers appreciate. After 25 years as a Grainews columnist, Elaine is encouraged to be part of the team creating healing and happy transition stories for agriculture.  Her mission is to empower family, increase profit and secure legacy.

How do we describe Elaine?  Farm kid. Farm partner. Farm coach.

Expert communicator, empathetic, creative, kind, resourceful, and practical.  She is passionate about folks getting clarity of expectations with certainty of agreements and timelines for farm transition, with great communication and conflict resolution.

#communication  #fairness #awesometransition

Did you know…Froese is pronounced ‘phrase’

Achievements and accolades:

  • 2018 Wilson Loree award for the development of excellence in Farm Management
  • 2018 4-H  Canada Most Distinguished Alumni Award
  • 2018 Farm Family of the Year, BMO award
  • 2006 Word Guild Book Award for Planting the Seed of Hope
  • Certified Speaking Professional,  CHICoach Certified Hudson Institute Coach
  •  CAFA, member of the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors
  • Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Palliative Care Certificate
  • Degree in Home Economics