Andrew Campbell

GameChanger. Farmer. Innovator.

Andrew delivers keynotes that will energize and inspire your audience. His experience in the world of media, agriculture, business & communications all collide into real stories that hit home for so many.

Andrew Campbell is a farmer, award winning communicator & passionate farm advocate. With the farm, he and his family milk cows as well as grow corn, soybeans, wheat & hay in Southern Ontario’s Middlesex County. On top of farming, Andrew has become a familiar voice for farmers and agriculture issues in the mainstream media, conference halls & online, pushing the positive stories that farmers across Canada have to share with their non-farming neighbours. He’s received awards that have named in a Leader in Innovation, Champion, Game-Changer & Top Agriculture Influencer for his work through written word, photographs, videos and podcasts. You can find him on social media with the handle FreshAirFarmer, or with his podcast titled ‘Food Bubble’.

What topics can Andrew engage your audiences on?

  1. Stand Up for Your Industry!
  2. Feel Good Food
  3. Your Story Matters
  4. We are Farmers
  5. Social Media Minefield

How do we describe Andrew? Andrew is someone who can fire up your audience and have them want to engage to do more.  He has a track record of walking the walk on telling agriculture’s story in a fun and dynamic manner that is relatable to many – inside and outside of agriculture.

#advocacy #consumer perceptions #governmentpolicy #foodmarketing

Hear Andrew in action on his Food Bubble podcasts.

He covers a range of topics from why organic milk is more expensive to building a wine business to the future of robots on farms.

 Achievements and accolades:

  • Leaders in Innovation (Premier’s Award)
  • Champion Award (Farm & Food Care)
  • AgCatalyst (AdFarm)
  • Agricultural Game-Changer (FarmOn)
  • University of Toronto and University of Guelph
  • Egg Farmers of Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba